What’s the Connection between Climate Change and the Weather?

What’s the Connection between Climate Change and the Weather?

Climate Change deniers have always been sharp in the criticism of any one who tries to connect the dots between Climate Change and daily Weather conditions. You often hear “There is no connection between the weather and climate”. That has been accepted for a long time as there have been ‘weather events’, regardless of climate since the beginning of time. However, as recent weather (the last several years) events have shown, perhaps that distinction is breaking down.

Connection at last?

For the past several years, as I studied climate change and thought about it within my understanding of thermo-dynamics, I suspected that weather patterns would change due to changes in the jet stream as the differential in temperatures between the poles and equatorial region diminished. Turns out that my suspicions were fairly accurate. In the following video Jennifer Francis, Professor at Rutgers University, makes the case (and explains it well) for the changes in the jet stream being the driving force behind the, what one could almost call bizarre, weather of the last two years. Ironically, the unprecedented cold weather seen in places as far from the poles as northern Africa are a result of “Climate Change” caused by “Global Warming”. This is because the fluctuations in the jet stream have become abnormal. The satellite and ground observations are in sync on this point.

So, what do you think? Need we start having a new conversation on the connection between “Climate Change” and the “Weather”?



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