Whatever Happened to Earth Day?

Whatever Happened to Earth Day?

Yes, I know that we still have Earth Day, but what happened to the values that are manifest in Earth Day thinking? Back in the 1970′s it looked like things were going to change. President Carter started us down the path to a sustainable energy future then with the arrival of Reagan it all went to hell. Reagan’s political adds told us that it’s Morning in America. What they forgot to mention is that due to going back to a non-sustainable way of life that relies on fossil fuels it was the morning of the Last Day for America and the planet. Now we are nearing the end of that New Day and physics has caught up with us and our foolish ways.

Vanishing Values!

It seems odd today but many Republicans were environmentalists back in the last century. Today they are a rare bird indeed. They are attacking clean air, clean water and clean energy. Whatever happened to Earth Day. Back in 2009 American Experience Films told us the sad story of what happened to Earth Day. In doing so they tell the story of how we came to be in this place in which we find ourselves today. Facing the ravages that the overshoot of the planets ability to support us all promise for the near future and looking down the barrel of the gun of Peak Oil. Contemplating the catastrophe of the Climate Changes that will come due to our having heated the planet just a bit. We are seeing the beginnings of this coming emergency now and are beginning to realize that we will be helpless in the face of those changes. Most people are still clueless but the alarm is going to resound soon. So grab a drink, make some popcorn and get comfy. Here’s Earth Day:

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