We’re in Trouble. Who’s to Blame?

We’re in Trouble. Who’s to Blame?

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored”

To even the most casual observer we (humanity) are in trouble. Our life style is unsustainable and we have financial troubles all over the world. Population growth is putting pressure on all of our natural resources. The fossil fuels that power our machinery, heat our homes  and generate our electricity are a finite and dwindling resource. Lately we have come to realize that burning them has destabilized the climate and could warm our planet to the point that we could follow the Dodo bird into that forever beyond. So, who is to blame? All of us? Some of us? If some, who? Let me aver that some are more responsible than others but  all of us have some blame.

But I didn’t do it!

But I didn’t do it you’ll say. I don’t have the resources to make a change. Fair enough. But have you done anything? Did you demand that your government have an “Energy Policy” that will lead us away from coal and fossil oil? Do you use as little electricity as you can? Lower your carbon ‘foot print’ in any way. Have you taken the time and put in the effort to learn about the problem or have you wasted your time partying and BS-ing?

It’s very true that some people are more responsible than others. Those very government representatives who have helped vested interests (coal and oil companies) to continue exploiting fossil fuels to their benefit (a false benefit) and to our detriment. The big companies that profit from the ‘business as usual’ system have done everything within their power to confuse people about the dangers of burning fossil fuels. They hire people to write articles and give speeches claiming that Climate Change isn’t happening. They also claim that we have lots of fuel left so “don’t worry, be happy”. It’s all lies. Unfortunately, many people prefer ‘pretty lies’ to the very ‘ugly truth’…

So, here is the ugly truth.

Arithmetic, Population & Energy – Oil, Peak Oil…

This video was produced almost nineteen years ago. It’s more true today than it was then. Back then Dr. Albert A. Bartlett -Professor Emeritus- of the Department of Physics @the University of Colorado in Boulder call it an Energy Crisis. It has now become an Emergency. Do you know? Do you care?


If you noticed, the informative video by Dr. Bartlett has gotten less that 2500 views in almost a year of being posted on youtube. But just to show why I ask if you care the following video got 37 Million hits in just a month or so last year. It’s a fun video, even though some claim that it’s a hoax, and people can relate to being the parent of a snotty child. But the point is, who really gives a crap? Yet the view count tells a sad story about humanity and explains why we all are, in some small way, responsible for the trouble we’re in.


Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.


Coming to you today from Desolation Row where the climate has been destabilized.



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