The Climate Wars

The Climate Wars

As an amateur Geologist I have been a fan of Dr Iain Stewart professor of Geoscience Communication at the University of Plymouth for a long time. Like me he is Scottish but I won’t hold that against him. You can see his bio here. I have watched many of his programs and “How to Grow a Planet” was a favorite of mine. However, in 2008 he did a three episode series called “Earth: The Climate Wars” which I somehow missed. They were a look at the history of the science and the politics of Global Warming. I was surprised and pleased then to run across those films during my regular research on energy and climate. They speak for them selves and though dated now they shed a lot of light on what has become Climate Wars.  Episode one looks at the History of Climate Science and shows how things have changed as new information becomes available. His work also highlights how people have come to question climate scientists for in the early 1970′s they were warning about a “New Ice Age”.

Earth: The Climate Wars, Episode One

In episode two he looks at the “climate change skeptics” and clears up a lot of the confusion that surrounds the issue that we now know as “Climate Wars” this day deniers and believers are at loggerheads over whether climate change is real of if it is, are humans the cause(?)

Earth: The Climate Wars, Episode Two

In episode three he continues to sum things up and look to the future. Like me he has children and he is concerned for the future that awaits.

Earth: The Climate Wars, Episode Three

As I stated earlier these films are somewhat dated even if the wars continue. What was missing  in 2008 was knowledge of the fact that Global Warming, up to this point, has had consequences that few could imagine just those few short years ago. Specifically, current warming has started some natural (in the sense that they are driven by physics) positive feedback loops that threaten to send the global temperature into ranges that will preclude the continued existence of humans on this planet. Along with us most of the plant and animal life will also become extinct. Many people will poo poo that assertion and dismiss me as  simply an “alarmist” or worse, “crazy”. I am alarmed and some have questioned my sanity over the years of my life. The good news (and I say that with a taste of sarcasm) is that in a few short years if the climate change situation does become non-linear and unpredictable, no one will then be able to deny the truth or poo poo crazy old Edward.

I have never in my life wished so fervently to be wrong about anything. Only time will tell. However, It’s a foregone conclusion that if we continue on the path that we are on we will come to death and despair. The time line of 2031 might be off by a few years but the end of the road will be the same. It is with the saddest of countenances that I post these things but as a truth seeker I am obliged to speak out in the hope that we can avert this looming disaster.

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