Save Money-Build it Yourself

If you are (like me) a “Do It Yourself” type person then I have assembled these books and other resources for you to consider as you move toward a renewable future on a personal level.

Off the Grid |Modern Homes + Alternative Energy: This book is replete with information suitable for anyone who is planning to build.

If you are interested in building solar panels the following insider solar secrets will lead you to a great resource to do that.

Another informative resource for Solar and Wind DIY Projects can be found at Green DIY Energy .

Home Made Energy makes a lot of sense. There is comfort in knowing that it the grid “goes down” you won’t be left stranded and waiting for repairs.

A really good tutorial on providing Power for your Home can be accessed here. For the cost of a dinner out with the Mrs you can be on your way to saving thousands and having the security of being able to generate electricity during an emergency.

Notice: These links are affiliate links. If you check any of them out and decide to purchase the information I will earn a commission.  A major benefit is that you will save money on your electric bill if you actually build and deploy some panels, or a wind generator.  Then there is also a great sense of satisfaction in being part of the solution to our energy problem.