Recommended Reading

For those readers who wish to become more educated on the issue of “Renewable or Sustainable Energy” I am recommending the following books for you to consider reading. Not all authors (or even most) necessarily agree with me on what the world should look like in the future. As has been said “there is more than one way to skin a cat” (sorry for the metaphor) with the point being that there are multiple possible ways in which we might be able to transition to a different energy paradigm. For me the main issue is abandoning Coal and Oil as our mainstay energy producers. Many authors favor nuclear energy for it’s “density” and the fact that it does not emit CO2 and though I realize that Nuclear Electrical Generation will be with us for the foreseeable future, I personally think that it’s a dangerous choice. So to broaden your outlook on the issue check out these books.

Alternative Energy for Dummies: the reviews are mixed on this one but it’s easy to read and, in my opinion, is worth reading.

Renewable Energy Facts and Fantasies: A great broad spectrum examination of renewable energy issues. Agree or not the information is worth having.

Alternative Energy Systems in Building Design: This book is aimed at Architects and Engineers, so keep that in mind though the information is interesting indeed.