Is Clean Energy Being Set-up to Fail?

Is Clean Energy Being Set-up to Fail?

I came across an article recently that asked the question “Is Clean Energy Being Set-up to Fail?” and the answer was a resounding yes but only in some limited quarters. Unfortunately, those ‘quarters’ have a bit more influence than many who are working hard to usher in a new day of “Clean Energy“. The frustration that I usually feel when thinking about those who are doing their best to prevent “Clean Energy’s” success welled up in me as I read the article but upon refection I realized that those sad souls were the ones to be frustrated in the end. Collectively we are too smart to allow special interests to control our fate and I’m seeing indications of that daily.

Those who want to see Clean Energy Fail will fail themselves!

Ironically, those who want to see Clean Energy Fail will fail themselves, or that’s the way I see it. Proof that change is happening is all around us and is highlighted in a report that was written by Stephen Lacey and recently posted on Think Progress’s Climate Progress page. In his report Stephen tells us that over 100 coal fired plants have been decommissioned recently. Though I haven’t researched the reasons why the plants have been closed I suspect that it’s due to increases in Wind, Solar and Natural Gas. Many electric companies are finding it too expensive (for several reasons) to keep aging coal plants running. Coal prices are firm and rising. Here in Pennsylvania where I live there are a lot of wind turbines sprouting up and Natural Gas Fracking is bringing the price of NG down.  NG, though not a long term solution is, none the less, cleaner burning and has a much better environmental profile than coal. Utilities, many of them co-ops, are also sensitive to the public’s concern over environmental and the health issues associated with the utilization of coal and transiting away from coal is a “public relations” success. So, the vested interests that are resisting change are only shooting themselves in the foot. If they were smart (or socially conscience and responsible) they would be joining in to change our “Energy Production Paradigm” and help to create jobs, (real non exportable jobs) rebuild the grid and other  infrastructure and help to decrease the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere that the scientists tell us portends bad things if we fail to get a handle on those emissions.

Is clean energy really Mighty Mouse?

Here I come to save the day, that means that Mighty Mouse is on the way. Those of you old enough to remember Saturday morning cartoons or the comedian Andy Kaufman will understand the humor in this idea. Clean and renewable energy is still, at this time, a mouse compared to the “Lion” of fossil fuels. But the lion is sick and dying but “Mighty Mouse” will, in the end, save the day.

An up day!

So for me it’s an up day. Knowing that, even though I won’t be alive to see it, in time we will solve the Energy Dilemma that confronts us and and move forward to the possibility of a “Golden Age” for humanity. In the mean time I will continue to fight for what is best for mankind (and my Grandchildren). I’ll continue to resist the shallow ill informed people who want to preserve the damaging “status quo” and personally improve my own energy situation.

What will you do?


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