Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun!

As my readers know, I have always claimed that we will never have a “renewable energy” system until we quit burning fossil fuels and rely primarily on Solar Energy to power our world. Any power source that is not renewable is ‘finite’ and will become depleted and/or, in the case of coal and fossil oil, too expensive (monetarily and environmentally) to recover. One need not be a ‘rocket scientist’ to understand something so obvious. So why are we still relying mainly on fossil fuels? What is holding up the necessary transition away from fossil fuels? Is it that we don’t understand the problem? Is solar energy not up to the task of supplying our energy needs?

You all know the answers!

Solar energy has to power to provide for our needs many times over. The following video explains that truth in vivid detail.

Solar Power Revolution – Here Comes The Sun

Solar Power seems so obvious but we here in the US are holding on to fossil fuels for dear life. Why? Is it that the media has convinced us that “fracking” will provide the energy we need forever? Or is there something more sinister going on? I think yes! I think that the fossil industry wants to hold on to their income (who wouldn’t?) and justify it with their mistaken beliefs that fossil fuel use isn’t causing climate change. If the population knew that they were lying wouldn’t we force “our” government (it is our government isn’t it?..sorry for the tongue in cheek there) So why does half the population agree with fossil interests? Do they lack understanding or are they simply confused? I think that they are confused and this video shows how the fossil fuel industry has deliberately used, what can only be called, shills to do their dirty work. A while back PBS’s  “FRONTLINE” aired the explanation in vivid detail.

Frontline: Climate of Doubt #public #opinion #denial

To my way of thinking, somewhere along the road, the fossil industry lost it’s innocence. They have become criminally liable for the damage that is being done to our planet. True, most of us still depend on fossil fuels but that is because, individually, we have few options. The industry, on the other hand, could be leading the way to a clean future where mankind can continue to develop both technologically and spiritually. They have the resources and technological know how. Due to their resistance to change we are instead most probably headed for a collective grave. I can think of nothing sadder.


Who knows? Maybe something will happen in time to prevent a catastrophic event from unfolding. All that I know is that if we fail to act and soon we are in deep trouble.

Have an opinion? Think me a stupid fool? Comment and I’ll reply.



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