Global Warming…What Does It Really Mean?

Global Warming…What Does It Really Mean?

Anyone who has read my musing on the “Energy Crisis” knows that, until recently I have, avoided the issue of global warming. Even then I did not sound any alarm bells as I, like most people, believed that warming would be linear and not be a really serious issue. I had assumed that the irrefutable argument that “Oil and Coal would soon be gone” was enough to call for a retooling of our energy infrastructure to all alternatives. The issue of peak oil had been addressed by many writers and scientists with books like James Howard Kunstler’s “The Long Emergency” painting a bleak enough picture that folks would “listen up” and that changes would be made.

Anyone with eyes knows that the change has begun with wind generators popping up in many places and solar panels gracing rooftops. Considering the amount of energy that the world now consumes it seems that the transition is progressing excruciatingly slow. For a variety of reasons that is the case. Because we have been so slow to address this problem we have inadvertently caused a very serious problem to arise.  That is the subject of this post. Global Warming and what it really means.

We have been Gambling.

After being warned by the scientific community that the burning of fossil fuels could lead to disaster the government and vested fossil interests along with the rest of us have been gambling that global warming (I reject the euphemism “climate change” as it glosses over the truth of the issue) would not be all that serious. We could not have been more mistaken. In the following video Professor Guy McPherson has put together a presentation that reports on the latest peer reviewed scientific papers and presents it in devastating detail. What the science now indicates is that we have set off the “Methane Bomb” and absent some serious action or a miracle (they are in short supply these days) we are headed for a Permian-Triassic level extinction event possibly as soon as 2031.

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One of the scientists that Professor McPherson highlights is Malcolm Light and by clicking on his name you can read his post from Arctic News where he explains why this frightening scenario is likely to occur. On that post you will find many references and links to related articles from the scientific community that cannot be ignored.

What is the Methane Bomb?

What scientist have know for years now is that there are massive quantities of methane trapped in the arctic and sub-arctic tundras and also in methane hydrates in the ocean. By warming the planet as much as we have those trapped stores of carbon are starting to be released and portend “rapid unpredictable non-linear responses” in the climate which could be disastrous to the ecosystem and the living organisms that depend on the ecosystem. Here is another good video that explains how the climate system operates by David Wasdell…where he explains “climate change feedback

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Sadly, the government is well aware of the threat but you will never hear a peep on TV or any other main stream media. Here is what President Obama’s top energy adviser Steven Chu has to say about Methane feedback “we can’t go there

Needless to say the idea that we could all become extinct (along with most if not all life on this marvelous planet) is disconcerting, to say the least. I realize that some will think that I am simply being an ALARMIST here but the science is solid and alarm bells should be ringing loud enough to be heard on the moon.

Here are a list of further video’s and articles that you may wish to to study.

Dr. James Hansen: Facing the Truth About Global Warming

The global warming effect of Arctic methane


Arctic Warming: Risks for Methane Emissions  Dr. Ronald Prinn TEPCO professor of atmospheric science at MIT

SWIPA snow water ice permafrost in the arctic   (social impacts of GW on native peoples

Methane bubbling from arctic ice   Yes, we should be concerned

And finally, Malcolm Light gives us the following admonitions as to what we must do in the face of this looming catastrophe.
{Developed (and some developing) countries must cut back their carbon dioxide emissions by a very large percentage (50% to 90%) by 2020 to immediately precipitate a cooling of the Earth and its crust. If this is not done the earthquake frequency and methane emissions in the Arctic will continue to  grow exponentially leading to our inexorable demise in 2038 to 2050.

Geoengineering must be used immediately as a cooling method in the Arctic to counteract the effects of the methane buildup in the short term. However, these methods will lead to further pollution of the atmosphere in the long term and will not solve the earthquake induced  Arctic methane buildup which is going to lead to our annihilation.

The United States and Russia must immediately develop a net of powerful radio beam frequency transmission stations around the Arctic using the critical 13.56 MHZ  beat frequency to break down the methane in the stratosphere and troposphere to nanodiamonds and hydrogen (Light 2011a) . Besides the elimination of the high global warming potential methane, the nanodiamonds may form seeds for light reflecting noctilucent clouds in the stratosphere and a light coloured energy reflecting layer when brought down to the Earth by snow and rain (Light 2011a). HAARP transmission systems are able to electronically vibrate the strong ionospheric electric current that feeds down into the polar areas and are thus the least evasive method of  directly eliminating the buildup of methane in those critical regions (Light 2011a).}
Considering the resistance to any change so far I am personally not sanguine about the outcome here. Harold Hansel has weighed in on the third of Malcolm Light’s suggestion about attacking methane in the atmosphere. To me it makes the most sense as it’s a potential way to buy some time. Abandoning fossil fuels will be EXTREMELY COSTLY though it must, in the end, be accomplished if we wish to avoid disaster. Setting up radio stations would be cheap by comparison.

I ask your apologies for throwing this in your faces but if we are to address a problem we must first realize that a problem exists, I suggest that if you are concerned that you contact the president, the senate, the house, heads of relevant corporations and spread the word to friends and family. To do nothing is to me unthinkable.

So on this 17th day of December 2012 I am standing up to be counted

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