Answer to the Problem


This blog enters into an area of human endeavor, how we produce the energy that we all depend upon, that has brought us to a crossroad. One branch will lead to the possibility of humanity maturing and, to paraphrase the Army, become all that we can be. While the other will possibly lead to humanities EXTINCTION or at least, the end of civilization as we know it.

One would think that the directional choice would be obvious. However, in the middle of the intersection is a trap of “quicksand” that is the reality of the war between a whole host of vested interests, the politicians they own and the needs of all of us on a daily basis.  Our goal is to foster a healthy debate concerning the main issue “ENERGY” and all of the ancillary issues associated with energy. War, the environment, global warming, the economy, food, water and just about anything else associated with the pivotal issue of energy.

If we are to take the first road then we have only one option. We MUST develop an energy paradigm that is COMPLETELY sustainable. We cannot drill or mine our way out of the mess in which we find ourselves.

There are, and will be developed, many technologies that will lead us to a sustainable energy future. While we have several that we prefer that is not the only issue of this blog. Somehow being able to spur a concerted development toward a  sustainable energy future is the hope and goal of this blog and it’s writer. It’s about the politics of energy.

Every planet in this universe is “driven” by the star that it orbits and ours is no exception. Virtually every form of energy is solar, gravitational or chemical in nature with few exceptions. Wind is solar. Oil is solar. Coal is solar. Even nuclear and geothermal owe there origin to stars. The point here being that the Sun and the energy that it freely showers upon us will need to be at the center of the solution.

Does that mean PV (though that would go a long way toward solving the problem) panels for all? No! It means that harnessing every aspect of “solar” energy and other, so called, “green energy” can ultimately be the only answer. With that in mind I invite anyone who is concerned to join in the discussion and hopefully we can help foster a change in direction that will lead us all away from the second road.