about me

Who AM I and What am I DOING?!

My name is Edward Kerr.  I’m 66 years old. Retired. I am the father of three children (one deceased) and the grandfather of 8. Studied here in PENNSYLVANIA.  I worked in food industry most of my life even once owning a 100seat restaurant. As I now live alone and still wish to remain active and hopefully do some good, I have decided to do this blog which is essentially a RANT. Why a rant you say? Because I can barely watch or read the “NEWS” without wanting to evacuate my stomach.

It seems to me that almost every foul tasting MacNuggatt of political news, that we need suffer through, can be linked to {My favorite subject} energy, in one way or another. I am not an expert, but I DO have a brain and I am simply compelled to comment on the state of mankind as I see it. While things seem almost hopeless I know that many skilled and dedicated people are working diligently to facilitate a fundamental and mandatory change in how we POWER our precious planet. This gives me GREAT HOPE and I will be posting  articles and information on those technologies that I consider to be most likely to be of interest to someone who doesn’t have  a lot of time to read endless news posts. Like you, Dear reader. Of course, I will also be commenting on the issues and technologies brought to your attention.

On the other hand, (sadly frustrating), powerful interests that seek to maintain the hopeless status quo are putting all of us and our progeny in grave danger. A HOPE DASHER, to be sure. I will try to save you from wading through the chaff and find and present to you for your perusal those stories too. Hopefully we can poke enough holes in them to consign them to the abyss. Won’t you help me with your insightful comments?!

Power usually leads to an asymmetrical  political tussle, and the news DU JOUR proves that point. The less than HOLY ALLIANCE between vested interests (oil and coal nuclear, etc) and Government ( the temporary kind=congress et all) is at the crux of our problem.  Some Policy makers (yes, we voted for them), seem to be relatively inexpensive to privately purchase and their resultant behavior is  more transparent than they, obviously, think!  Pointing them out might make a difference in 2012. Our energy situation is knee deep in “QUICKSAND” and it’s NO JOKE so lets send home the CLOWNS!

I  have already identified a lot of interesting developments toward a solution to this mess and will be putting them in front of you ASAP (that means when I learn how to administer this site). Self interest is a powerful motivator and is the way of the world. When that self interest losses it’s MORAL COMPASS and abuses it’s power, that becomes GREED. GREED leads to INSANITY!!! You tell me where we are today? The Buddha tells us that desire is the ROOT of ALL SUFFERING and when DESIRE leads to INSANITY, suffer we will. Have you purchased gasoline lately? any pain there? But that small pain will pale in comparison to the pain that will afflict us all should we fail to solve this energy dilemma in which we find ourselves.

It seems to me that to solve our energy dilemma, before the problem becomes moot, the main countries on this planet need to join together and make our future energy paradigm a sustainable one. Business cannot address this completely alone, all of us (that means our Governments) need to be active participants. We don’t have much TIME to screw around either.