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Panel: Widespread waste and fraud in war spending

Panel: Widespread waste and fraud in war spending. Is it just me or is there something very wrong with this picture? This story from the AP has me, once again, wanting to pull my hair out. The Commission suggests that … Continue reading

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New (Super)Conductors on the Horizon

Back in March of  ’08 Michelle Bennett posted this article “New (Super)Conductors on the Horizon”. Unfortunately, I’ve haven’t seen much in the interim indicating any significant application of superconductors on a macro scale. If it will be possible to develop … Continue reading

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Discovery Turns Seaweed Into Biofuel in Half the Time

Here is an interesting article concerning making ethanol from something OTHER than corn. The use of corn to produce ethanol is one of the myriad reasons why food costs have risen world wide which has helped to destabilize an already … Continue reading

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It is political will that prevents the dawning of the long-predicted solar age

This article was written by David Thorpe and posted on his blog . He has also recently published a book “The Earthscan Expert Guide to Solar Technology for Power, Heating, and Cooling”, it is aimed at a profession audience and … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power Generation? Really?

In my regular research (trolling actually) I came across the following information concerning the dangers of Nuclear Power Generation. I was fool enough to think that the issue of Nuclear Power had been decided two decades ago and that the … Continue reading

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